Happy Valentines Day from Silhouette Style!

Today’s the day people! We are a go for launch, and we have a whole bunch of valentines lovelies to share with all our new readers!

Here is what Love Day looks like for Stacy:

e.l.f. red carpet lipstick– shit stays on so good. everyone always comments on it. i have gotten “movie star” no less than three times.

The Rania Dress in Black
Women’s Dresses By Cheap Monday

Bumble & Bumble  Brilliantine-bed-head look, even if you didnt get any.

Theo Chocolate– organic, fair trade, and totally unique. fairytale collections ft. bread and chocolate and a FENNEL CHOCOLATE. i die. And the “aphrodisiac collection” ginger rose? hellooo…

Some music to set the mood

Adele– album not out until the 22nd, but can preview the entire thing here.

To smell extra seductive

Alien by Theirry Mugler

And last but not least, Valentines would not not complete with out actual  Valentines to give to your loved ones.

Golden Girls Valentines

Twig & Thistle’s– Naturally Sweet Valentines

Stay tuned for other Valentines Day Inspiration from our other style experts


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